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TerraSpatial Technologies
What TST has done for my business?
historyTSTTerraSpatial Technologies offers a completely integrated software solution that addresses some of the biggest issues confronting utilities today - including asset tracking to ensure accurate rate base reporting for lenders and PUCs. From work order conception through to design, construction, and closing, we make accurate and timely financial reporting and operations management easy. One tool, one training curve - all at a price that also makes CFOs smile. Just ask our customers what TerraSpatial has done for their businesses and revenue cases! 

Tom Bushman
Electric Utility Director, Two Rivers Water & Light, Wisc.

“We were able to eliminate one full-time position out of the efficiencies of the software. That's 10 percent of our work force. We have 10 people here.”

Jill Frank

Jill Frank
Assistant General Manager,
Cedarburg Light and Water, Wisc.

“The biggest thing is that the TerraSpatial system is the full package, from engineering through to accounting, for utilities,” says Frank. “That's what sets it apart.”