jill_mugNo business manager likes spikes. The spike of work orders when a flood of water takes down your grid. The downstream spike of open work orders, waiting for resolution at the end of the year.

Because software from TerraSpatial Technologies smooths out spikes, it’s been a huge help to the office staff that Jill Frank manages for Cedarburg Light & Water just north of Milwaukee, Wisc.

Frank says the suite of unified work management software from TST – including Mapworks and Plantworks – lets her staff close out work orders when they’re done.

“Many utilities wait until the end of the year and do it at one time,” she says.

That creates a huge spike. From an accounting standpoint, that’s just not efficient.

“The benefit with TerraSpatial is that if you need to bill out a job, you have accurate information,” Frank says.

“It’s nice to just be able to record timely information to your asset or expense accounts.”

Timely recording improves accuracy of data, which creates a more complete picture of a utility’s plant. The utility has access to a wealth of plant data for engineering studies and to help ensure appropriate recovery of costs through electric and water rates.

“The biggest thing is that the TerraSpatial system is the full package, from engineering through to accounting, for utilities,” says Frank. “That’s what sets it apart.”