bednarski_m2With 10,000 electric customers and 8,000 water meters, Oconomowoc Utilities in Wisconsin wasn’t big enough to build its own plant management software system, or go out and cobble together a system from apps that specialized in mapping, or job orders, or accounting.

 “For us, we don’t have a big IT department,” says Dennis Bednarski, the utility’s general manager when we spoke. “We rely on outsourced solutions”

That explains the impetus behind Oconomowoc’s decision to embrace the unified work management software suite developed by TerraSpatial Technologies.

“What the company does is a perfect fit for a utility of our size, because all of the functions that a small utility needs are in their packages,” Bednarski says.

“They’ve got an inventory control system that marries to a design system that marries to a mapping system that marries to an accounting system.”

One product, multiple functions, all sharing data back and forth.

“To find a system that can do all that with one stop shopping is phenomenal,” he says.

The foremost benefit to him and Oconomowoc from using TerraSpatial software for 16 years has been its ability to give him the numbers he needs to make informed decisions.

“It allows you to manage with data,” he says.

For example, he says TerraSpatial worked with Oconomowoc to modify its software so the utility could capture every detail about the life cycle of its fleet vehicles.

“Any department can create a ticket for a truck, and put in all the costs associated with that vehicle,” he says. “Before TerraSpatial, we’d be saying, ‘That truck has been in the shop a lot; it’s time to replace it.’

“Now I can pull up the data for Truck #1234, look at the data, and use that to determine when to replace it. It just makes so much more sense.”